6 Steps Back to Sex

My latest HuffingtonPost blog is devoted to couples who are suffering from lack of sexual desire following infidelity or a period of challenge in their relationship. Whether you were the cheater or the cheated upon, these six steps can help … Read More

The New Monogamy at Imago International Conference

I recently wrote an article for the Imago International Conference coming up in October 2013 where I talk about the changing institution of marriage, explicit vs implicit monogamy agreements, the nature of betrayal, and how we as relationship therapists can … Read More

Repost – Help for Codependents Breaking Up

I enjoyed this blog post by Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT so much that I asked her for permission to repost it in it’s entirety here for you. Rejection and breaking-up are especially hard for codependents. They can trigger hidden grief … Read More

Thanks for joining me in Santa Cruz!

Last month, a fabulous group joined me at the beautiful Chaminade Resort and Spa in Santa Cruz, California for my Creating Connected Couples retreat. We focused on building therapists’, coaches’ and healers’ comfort level and skill for helping couples increase … Read More

Review of upcoming teleseminar with Talli Rosenbaum!

Tracy Sher over at pelvicguru.com has generously reviewed our upcoming teleseminar Just Relax! Understanding Sexual Pain & Anxiety. It was pre-recorded in two parts and will be available for download on June 11th. From Tracy’s review: “Often in the discussion … Read More

Routledge Will Publish a Porn Studies Journal

Yes, there will be a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of pornography and it’s relation to culture, economy, history, institutions, legal and social contexts. This is a great improvement for the field of human sexuality and I’m looking forward … Read More

PTSD and Emotional Trauma Affects Partners Too

In this intriguing article, Ruth Buczynski presents new research that shows partners of veterans returning from combat suffered as much physical stress response as their loved one. I wonder if this could be true for other types of psychological stress … Read More

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