Is writing and publishing a dream for you?

Halloween references aside, I think this article has a lot of great discussion points about the creative writing process. Read 5 great pieces of advice for tackling the mental tug-of-war writers often experience. Just Me & My Shadow: Embrace Your … Read More

Different learning styles

As a psychologist and a parent, I wish I had heard Jane M. Healy’s videos on learning styles when my kids were young. Her respectful way of talking about learning styles is more on target than our conventional knowledge of … Read More

What Is Sexual Freedom?

You may not know that your sexual rights are at risk. In this day and age, we can text naked photos of ourselves, we can marry who we want and we can freely express our sexuality in the privacy of … Read More

Supervision training groups – New Group Added

So many people responded to the phone groups that we added an additional group on Thursday mornings, from 9am to 10:30am. We have one opening available, and one opening in the Monday afternoon group. AASECT certification for sex therapy available, … Read More

Is pornography truly addictive?

Wendy Maltz, LCSW, (LINK) author of the Porn Trap, reported recently that “porn addiction” entered the media spotlight this week: “Dr. Valerie Voon, a research scientist at Cambridge University in the UK has just released results of a new study … Read More

Create Sexual Desire in Six (short) Weeks

Not feeling the desire for sex? Lost some of the passion? Living in a sexless marriage? In my new teleseminar, Creating Sexual Desire in Six Weeks: Low Desire Couples and Sexless Marriages anyone can learn to reconnect, slowly, intimately and … Read More

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