The myth of positivity

Should we strive to be happy all of the time? Is positivity really the goal? What’s wrong with experiencing life’s wide spectrum of emotions, appreciating our good and bad days? Thankfully, Waylon Lewis, founder of, compiled just a few … Read More

Is your preoccupation with tech hurting your kids?

For many parents, it’s difficult to balance work, family, and relationships. Last month I posted a blog to YourTango about technology affecting our sex lives. Technology can get in the way of physical and emotional connection with your partner. Huffington … Read More

Ever wondered what your limits are around sex?

Want to become a certified sex therapist? One important requirement is a Sexual Attitude Restructuring Workshop. Ten hours of instructive videos, lecture and an exciting demonstration by a real live practitioner will push your limits when it comes to sex. … Read More

Is writing and publishing a dream for you?

We are gearing up for another Writing and Publishing for Professionals program starting February 18th. If you have a writing project – a blog, an article, a book, or a screenplay and want to start, complete or publish it – … Read More

Ending Your Marriage With Integrity

The fact of the matter is that sometimes divorce really is the best option for ending the internal and external conflict. And you can end your marriage with integrity and respect, honoring your partner and your history in a way … Read More

The happiest couple is…

I wanted to share with you an article from Huffington Post that touches on a lot of what I address in my work as a sex and relationship therapist. This Is The Happiest Relationship Ever, According To Science touches on … Read More

Sex and Love in Stockholm: Discounted Registration

Come to Stockholm! Sign up now for a two day training on Sex and Love in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Imago Association’s annual Conference 2014-February 14-15. Love, Sex and Infidelity: new forms of modern therapeutic work with straight, … Read More

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