Can Facebook hurt your marriage?

Today I posted a question on my Fan Page on Facebook; it seemed like the perfect place to ask: “Does Facebook hurt your marriage?” 

Within twenty seconds almost fifty people responded.  All said“YES” in capital letters.

I guess Facebook users agree  – social networking hurts relationships. 

Some even LOL’d or LMAO’d when they typed their answer.

One person even confessed that Facebook ended her 7 month partnership.  Another claimed he left his wife because of Facebook. 

So why are they still on-line? 

Probably because it’s fun, quick and it feels like a game. Social networking sites create easy opportunity to meet other people and it feels like a real live video game,  with real/imaginary/cyber people that you get to call “Friends.”   

Social networking is usually a solitary sport.  You do it privately, but at the touch of a keystroke you get to meet thousands of other cyber buddies. 

It can then be easier to reveal private details about one’s self to a Facebook Friend because there is  no physical proximity-  and no eye contact. 

Cyber-intimacy may be our new way to create intimacy in relationships in this age of digital connections. 

But if its hurting your relationship, maybe its time to TTYL, Friend.



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