Bruce Jenner’s gender identity goes public

The gossip world has been a-buzz for months speculating about Bruce Jenner’s gender identity. Celebrity gossip in and of itself can be dangerous, but add gender identity into the mix and Bruce Jenner has been the center of a very vicious media circle, which could be taking a toll on him and his family during what has been publicized as a transitional period in his life.

It has been recently confirmed by many media outlets that Bruce Jenner is in fact transitioning to be a woman. Tonight, he is scheduled to sit down with Diane Sawyer to confirm all of the speculation. There are so many things to consider for a celebrity or non-celebrity during a gender transition, but the public opinion and reaction are mostly out of an individual’s control. Bruce Jenner is going public with his journey to take back the dialogue and perhaps support others who are going through a similar transition.

A recent article in Slate explores some of the dangers of public gossip for what is such a private matter for Bruce Jenner. More gossip and speculation is sure to follow his interview. He is hoping public attestation to his transformation could provide some comfort to those dealing with gender identity in private.

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