I’m #37 in the Top 100 Marriage Counseling Blogs!

Wow, just a few weeks ago, I earned the #43 spot on Feedspot’s Top 100 Psychotherapy Blog list. Now, I’m at #37 on their list of Top 100 Marriage Counseling blogs. Since marriage counseling is one of my specialties, I … Read More

How to Turn the 7 Year Itch Into a Positive

You have heard of ‘Seven Year Itch.’ It’s a measurement of time that people throw around to suggest marriage goes downhill after the first seven years. The phrase is not based on anything psychological or scientifically sound, it is not … Read More

A Couples Retreat Was a Breakthrough Moment for My Relationship

A couple came to one of my couples retreats. She was the dragger. He was the dragee. She was nervous. He did not want to be there. We went around the room and the couples introduced themselves. Lots of people … Read More

Sex Therapists Uphold Civil Rights for ALL

Like so many of you, I was both saddened and outraged by the recent tragic events in Charlottesville. I am still confused by the President’s lack of moral clarity in condemning the violence. The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, … Read More

Are You Killing Your Sex Life?

Couples create low sex relationships. But it only takes one to get it up and running again. What Gets Your Partner “In the Mood?” Do More of That. One of the reasons for sexless partnerships, according a recent HuffPo article, … Read More

Are Kids Getting Their Sex Ed from Porn?

Porn has been vilified for decades as a destroyer of marriages, an addictive drug, and a quick way to ruin a good sex life by destroying your once pure fantasy life. And with the rise of internet porn, the idea … Read More

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