Worried Your Sexual Behavior Might Be Out of Control?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many people are asking if sex addiction is real. Is out of control sexual conduct and compulsive or erratic sexual behavior a sigh of a “sexual addiction?” Does being sexually inappropriate and acting, … Read More

Is This a Sexless Marriage?

A sexless marriage is not hard to define. If you are in a marriage that clearly has not been erotic or sexual for long enough that both of you feel deprived, you can classify it as “sexless.” How Sexless Marriages Develop … Read More

My Greatest Hope for 2018

I was inspired by this powerful and uplifting message of hope by powerful women from all walks of life, across a variety of industries. Do You Need Inspiration? It’s Our Time My greatest hope for 2018 is echoed in the … Read More

Understanding Infidelity & How to Recover From It

Defining infidelity seems simple. Having sex with someone outside of your committed partnership means cheating, right? But today an affair can be tricky to define and identify. Below I share a selection of my articles and videos that can help … Read More

If You Don’t Make Time For Sex, You May Not Get It

Recent articles (like this one by Ian Kerner on CNN) have been talking about the phenomenon that people in the U.S. today are having less sex than in previous decades. Why Are People Having Less Sex? A variety of reasons … Read More

How Do You Feel About Porn?

  How do you feel about porn? I don’t mean whether or not you personally consume porn, but rather — do you approve of it? Are you okay if your partner watches it? Masturbates to it? Do you watch it? Is it … Read More

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