Does VR Porn Excite or Alarm You?

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash Have you heard of virtual reality pornography? This innovative technology allows you to totally immerse yourself into a pornographic scene. Putting on VR glasses allows you to interact directly with the characters. Is VR Porn Good or … Read More

Houston, I’ll See You Next Spring

It’s been over a month since Hurricane Harvey slammed into southeast Texas and devastated Houston and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, when Irma and Maria showed up, the national news coverage shifted away from the recovery efforts in Houston. We stopped … Read More

Science Proves It! My Book About Sex Can Keep You Young

A healthy, regular sex life has a number of physical health benefits. Now a new study shows that regular sex can keep you young, too. How Sex Can Keep You Young In addition to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing perceptions … Read More

How to Rekindle the Spark In Your Relationship: 3 Tips to Enhance Your Sex Life

Sexual desire is tied to our mental, emotional, and physical health. If you’re not getting the sex you want, you may be neglecting one or more of these areas of your life. You may need to take some steps to … Read More

Does Your Bedroom Need an Erotic Makeover?

If you’re like me, you sleep with your cell phone next to your bed. You may even have a clock radio and/or a television in your bedroom. I know many of you work on your laptop sitting up propped on … Read More

Sex After Kids

Is there such a thing as sex after kids? A lot of couples have a decrease in desire after the kids are born. Or there is a discrepancy, where one partner wants it more often than the other. Sometimes mom … Read More

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