Why We Need More Education About Sex and Consent

I was surprised by many statements in the recent article in America Magazine, “#MeToo shows the dangers of ‘end-less’ sex. ‘Humane Vitae” shows the way forward.” I think we need to think more about this idea of consent. What is … Read More

How Emotional Risk-Taking Can Lead to Better Relationships

I clicked on my email and opened the 30 Second Newsletter. I don’t have much time so it helps me to catch up on the important things. I found the following gem about setting slightly terrifying goals in order to … Read More

What People Don’t Share About the First Year of Marriage

Wedding season is almost upon us. Will you be tying the knot? If so, I’m sure you’re receiving tons of advice. But there are several things that people don’t typically tell the soon-to-be-married. I was interviewed recently by Wedding Wire … Read More

Do You Feel Jealous If Your Partner’s Eyes Wander?

Are you like a zebra finch? Zebra finches are social songbirds and, according to science, are sexually monogamous. A mated female zebra finch has a dopamine reaction only to the song of her mate. She experiences no pleasurable response to … Read More

Florida Lawmakers Say Porn is More Dangerous than Guns

Valentine’s Day 2018 – the date of yet another school massacre. I read the news and my gut clenched. I still vividly remember the horror of what happened at Sandy Hook. I live in Connecticut. Sandy Hook is my community. … Read More

Why We Need to Teach Our Children About Consent

Do you talk to your children about sex? What do you say to them about consent? As parents, we are responsible for teaching our kids not only positive values around sexuality, but also the meaning of consent. Kids are never … Read More

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