Cuffing Season Leads People to Stray

Ashley Madison recently revealed that more men sign up for their online dating site during the month of October than any other month of the year. Ashley Madison is a website for married people to find other married people to … Read More

The Future of Sex – with Robots?

Has technology changed the way we view sex? The increase in technology has changed not only the way we view life, but who we are as people. The use of smart phones, computers, smart watches and other hand held devices … Read More

Three Tips to Succeed in Business and Love

I’m so inspired by the words of wisdom from Cyan Banister, a young woman who went from high school dropout to successful, self-taught engineer, entrepreneur, and angel investor. She shared her advice on Business Insider on how to become successful … Read More

No Need to Freak Out Before Your Wedding

Everyone gets anxious before a big event. Making a major shift from one part of your life to another is what I call a threshold event. It’s normal to feel nervous before a graduation, a job change, or a wedding. … Read More

Fighting With Your Partner Could Be a Sign of a Good Relationship

All couples have arguments. Fighting with your spouse can be a good sign. It could mean that you feel comfortable enough to be open with them about your true feelings. The problems start when you don’t know how to express those feelings … Read More

Do You Struggle to Find Sexual Partners?

Not getting the sex you want is never an excuse for violence Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you wanted to have sex but you didn’t have a partner and had trouble finding one? If not, … Read More

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