Dr Tammy Nelson on Channel 8 – video

CHANNEL 8 talks to Dr Tammy Nelson and TC Brantley on Celebrities and Infidelity

What do college students want to know about sex therapy?

I taught a class today at a local college.  There were four questions the students had, and the answers I gave them:   1.  What exactly does it mean to be addicted to porn?   When you use erotic imagery of … Read More

Sex Addiction Looks Different to Different People

Looking at porn on the internet does not make you a sex addict.   However, masturbating to porn on the internet so often that it interferes with your daily life so that you cant function at work or at home, is a … Read More

How do I know if I’m a Sex Addict?

There are a lot of conflicting ideas out there in the press about sex addiction right now.  Is it real?  Does it exist? If you are addicted to sex or sexual behaviors, you probably dont care what we, the professionals, … Read More

Sexual Dependency Syndrome/ Sex Addiction Assessment

This is a quick assessment that may help you identify if you have a problem with sex addiction or if you need help with sexual dependency syndrome.      1. Are you hiding the fact that you are using sex from … Read More

Surviving Infidelity

So many couples experience infidelity – more than half.  So if you are reading this and wondering if you are alone in your pain, and in your anger, you’re not.  If you or your spouse has been unfaithful, its not … Read More

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