Young Girls and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Do you talk to your children about sex and their bodies? If not, you could be unwittingly contributing to what I call a “low sense of vagina-esteem.” Research by the BBC shows that girls, as young as 9 are seeking … Read More

My Blog in Top 50 of Top 100 Blogs

I’m delighted to have recently made the list of Top 100 Psychotherapy Blogs on Feedspot. I am number 43, which puts me in the top 50. And I’m in excellent company. Some of the other blogs that made the list … Read More

When Do Cheaters Talk to Their Lovers?

Twenty five to sixty five percent of people cheat at some point in their marriage. The results of infidelity research are non-conclusive: we aren’t really sure exactly how many people cheat. Cheating is based on dishonesty, and those polled lie … Read More

How Do You Get the Sex You Want?

What is the number one thing that will guarantee you get the sex you want? Communicate. Before you have sex for the first time. Did you talk about sex with your partner before you did it with them for the … Read More

Do You Feel Comfortable Helping Couples in Crisis?

Relationships can be difficult. It can be stressful to be in a romantic partnership even on a good day. Bringing that tension and stress into the treatment room can be challenging for the therapist, as well. In this online training … Read More

Recovering from Infidelity is a Process, Not an Event

Lots of couples go through it. Not everyone blogs about it. And very few post photos. In a recent piece by Yolonda Jones, both blog and photos show how powerful and poignant the process of recovering from an affair can … Read More

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