Article in The Republican; Girls Just Want to Have Fun Massachusetts January 15 2009  Passionate Partners by Denise Favro Schwartz Thursday January 15, 2009, 5:33 PM A chat with Tammy Nelson, couples therapist Tammy Nelson wants you to get intimate. … Read More


Are you a lover of love?  Are you addicted to the kind of love that gets your blood flowing?  Maybe what you really love is PASSION.  And maybe you are a passion junky! Passion junkies are not love addicts.  They … Read More


Infidelity is a hot topic in our society. Affairs are rampant. In marriages, infidelity statistics are hard to quantify, since research is based on the need for people to be honest, and the nature of affairs is that they are … Read More

New Relationships

As I sit at my laptop listening to the roar of the inaguaration crowd on the radio, I am struck by the two million people that have descended on Washington DC today for the celebration and life changing event that … Read More

Yes, Dear. Tonight Again.

365 Nights and Just Do It are two books that came out this year, not too long after my book, Getting the Sex You Want.  Seems like everyone’s catching on that “just doing it” is the way to get true relationship satisfaction and … Read More

This month’s PASSION tip

Try this month’s PASSION tip and keep your partnership passionate and alive! This month’s PASSION tip: Tell your partner one thing you appreciate about them as a lover. It can be something you appreciate about their body, or how they … Read More


Pastor’s Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex   The weeklong sex challenge for married couples at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Tex. The evangelical church has 20,000 members.   By GRETEL C. KOVACH Published: November 23, 2008 GRAPEVINE, Tex. — And … Read More

Article this Month in Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

November /December Psychotherapy Networker Magazine The Role of Fantasy in Couples Therapy By Tammy Nelson Couples who are satisfied with their sex lives are happier than those who aren’t, and are likelier to stay together. They describe their relationships as … Read More

Why Adults Need Sex Education

Why Adults Need Sex Education Using Sexual Anatomy Knowledge to Improve Your Sex Life Why do we, as adults, need sex education? Shouldn’t sex come naturally, and shouldn’t we just KNOW what to do? Most of us as youngsters had … Read More

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