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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting a web conference for – an industry leader in continuing education opportunities for psychologists. Mark your calendars for Couples in Recovery after Infidelity: Creating a New Monogamy on September 6th, 2013 at 9:00am Pacific.
This event will be FREE for members, including 1.5 CE credits.  Any therapists who want to join can get a special offer when they listen to my podcast.  Contact and sign up today.
What is the most effective form of therapy for treating affairs? What doesn’t work? Why are some forms of affair treatment outdated and even contraindicated? How can couples therapy help couples if done effectively? Can couples really survive the trauma of infidelity? Using a theoretical model that works, this seminar will introduce a step by step intervention to help couples recover from infidelity, with a purposeful process that gives couples hope for a future that is more than just survival after betrayal, but can create a whole new partnership, in many cases stronger and more intimate than ever before.
Using case examples to illustrate how breaches of monogamy affect sexuality and intimacy participants will learn how to help couples restore (or create) erotic energy after an affair, increase empathy and understanding instead of focusing on forgiveness as the goal, and ways to create a new vision of a new, stronger monogamy going forward.
This web conference is designed to help clinicians:
1) Define infidelity and how it affects a marriage or committed partnership;
2) Identify what does not work in infidelity treatment and how psychotherapy can retraumatize clients;
3) Discover ways to help couples negotiate monogamy after infidelity and how to create a new monogamy agreement;
4) Identify how sexual empathy heals and will discover whether or not forgiveness is necessary for recovery.
If you have any questions about this web conference, or would like more information, see the event page on

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