A Call for the Revolution

I was deeply touched by Raphael Cushir’s If You Are In Electoral Distress.

What really strikes me about Raphael’s poem is what he says at the end:

Remember who you are.
Remember where you come from.
Remember your tribe.
Bow to your tribe.
Tune out the noise.
Listen for the signals.
Be ready to heed them.
Be ready to act.
But not yet.
Right now…
In this very moment…
Rest up.

It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel hope.

Frankly, this change in our power structure, in our government, is a crisis of integrity. This is happening now in the world because the imbalance of male power has so grossly thrown off our energy that we became frozen in our inability to respond to it. Like a battered wife, we hid in the corner instead of rising up and fighting back. Now we are dumbstruck with our own weakness to act. We needed to find our power, and we did not heed the call. Now the shock is real.

This major shift in the power structure has been coming for a long time. It has been tilting in this direction for decades, for centuries. This is hopefully the peak of the imbalance of masculine power in the world. It must be, or we will literally annihilate ourselves as a planet.

This is a calling to all women – we need to rise up. We did not heed the call when it was time to elect a woman. We did not listen to the urgency of the earth as it pled with us to create change. And now we have been attacked, and we have failed.

We will need a revolution to enact change. It is time for women to find their true power. We will need to find our voices. We cannot stay silent if we are going to fight oppression. We will have to be strong and stand together to fight the rhetoric and hatred that is to come. We will have to in order to come to the defense of those less fortunate and weaker than ourselves, who may not be able to fight for their own rights.

We will have to ban together and become fierce, to protect ourselves, and our own vulnerabilities. Where we are weak we will become like iron. Where we are perceived as vulnerable we will find our courage. Where others will try and push us down we will rise up.

We will no longer be abused, punished, or burned. We will not fight in the ways of men, we will not be violent. And we will no longer cry like women, after our last tears have dried. We will no longer be silent. We will revolt and we will take over.

When we are ready and when the path is clear we will tell the immature, the unprepared, the tantrum-loving men in office to put down their weapons and we will step in and calmly and with the authority of the mother, we will strip them of their tools and we will take charge. We will put them to bed and wipe their brows and push them aside and reassure the country and the world that we can take over now, we’ve got this.

We will remember who we are.

It might take time.

But women will rise up.

I believe this.

We are resilient.

Listen for the signals. Listen to your inner wisdom, your intuition, it is calling you. It will call you.

It is coming. The revolution, the feminine revolution.

Be ready to act.

Not yet. Rest, now.


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