6 Steps Back to Sex

My latest HuffingtonPost blog is devoted to couples who are suffering from lack of sexual desire following infidelity or a period of challenge in their relationship. Whether you were the cheater or the cheated upon, these six steps can help you get back to a sex life that can work for you.

HuffingtonPost: Six Steps Back to Sex

Therapists! Learn a model that can be taught over six weeks to couples who suffer from low sexual desire. In a short time, they can return to desire, increase their sexual intimacy and shed old inhibitions. This protocol works also for couples who want to improve their sexual connection and reach new heights of passion. Register now for my four part teleseminar: Creating Sexual Desire in Six Weeks: Low Desire Couples and Sexless Marriages. Class starts October 10th – Save $ on registration if you register NOW – before October 1st!

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