6 Most Common Myths About Sex Addiction

DatingAdvice.com’s Hayley Matthews has brought together some of the leading AASECT experts to debunk the 6 most common myths about sex addiction. The highlights include:

“…sex addiction is a cultural label that is not clinically accurate.” – Dr. Neil Cannon

“…many clients get shamed by spouses, family and friends for being a ‘sex addict’ when what they really needed was a supportive counseling experience founded in solid principles of psychotherapy and marriage counseling.”- Dr. Neil Cannon

…while some sex addicts may cheat on their spouses, having one or several affairs does not necessarily classify someone as a sex addict. – Alexandra Katehakis

“I would never invalidate their spouse’s rage or their wife’s rage at being cheated on, because that’s real and that’s their [the cheater’s] fault, but you can’t treat or help these people just by being angry at them.” – Alexandra Katehakis

Sex addiction is a hotly debated topic and a buzzword amongst media and celebrities. Unfortunately it is also deeply misunderstood by many. Read the full article on DatingAdvice.com. For more information on treating out of control sexual behavior (OCSB), this 2 hour teleclass with Dr. Neil Cannon presents a gentle, non-shaming approach to help clients feel empowered and in control of their own sexual behaviors. The course conceptualizes a systemic, strength-based approach that includes assessment and treatment protocols for OCSB. This workshop will equip the clinician with a process to help couples heal and re-establish trust.

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