20% of women in college are sexually assaulted

As a woman, a mother, a teacher, a therapist, I’m horrified and sad to know that 20% of women in college in the US experience sexual assault. This statistic has been challenged by men’s rights activists but a new study covering a wide variety of colleges indicates these figures may be accurate. (Source: That “flawed” statistic that 20% of women in college are sexually assaulted? It’s true

Thankfully, with more publicity and awareness, the volume on the discussion of sexual assault is being turned up in big ways. Colleges are increasing their prevention efforts including supporting education on campus focusing on consent.

This statistic also suggests that 1 in 5 women who attended college carry the trauma and emotional pain of having experienced sexual assault. It can be frightening to open up emotionally and physically with a loved one when memories of assault clutter your mind. But all hope is not lost, because you can heal your erotic relationship.

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